Dear future Guest:

Please read  the  following  tips, that will help you and us to maintain the Lodge:
  • Hotel rooms and public areas  are non-smoking, the only area allowed for smoking is at the main entrance/ garage. 
  • Help us to conserve natural resources: 
  1. We recommend using the water right and necessary, always make sure to close the water faucets.
  2. When you leave the room, do not leave lights turned on unnecessarily, and also your air conditioner. In hot seasons, a suitable temperature are from 22 to 24 degrees,  16 degrees may cause fogging of  windows and sweat of the unit.
  3. The hot water takes a while to get in to your room, please do not assume you don’t have hot water, we recommend opening the left water faucet of the sink to output quickly the flow. 
  • The room towels will be changed only if placed above the sink, hanging means no change.
  • Toilet paper and sanitary towel should be placed in the trash rather than the toilet, otherwise may cause a collapse in the pipes.
  • The room comes with 2 complimentary bottles of water at the first night. 
  • The hotel has beach towels / pool, in order to require them, please request at reception. 
  • The room linen (sheets and duvets) are made of high quality cotton in order to keep them in excellent condition, we  recommend to not put  any luggage on top of them or objects that could soil or damage it, or else sleep with sunscreens or creams that can discolor lingerie. In case of any any damage or stain over the linens  may incur a charge in your room account.
  • The hotel provides soap, shampoo and shower gel biodegradable, if you have your own cleaning effects, we suggest you to have biodegradable too for the proper functioning of our biotanks.
  • Before to put a plastic bottle in the trash bin, first remove the air pressing and placing the cap (takes less space), if you  discard batteries, take them to reception. 
  • To use the swimming pool, we recommend to take a shower before and after. 
  • At the reception area and restaurant applies dress code, cannot wear  swimsuits or wet cloth.
  • The beach chairs are designed for use by one person, can not be used for two. 
  • Is not allowed to bring food or  drinks from outside to serve in our public areas, we have a restaurant that will provide the necessary service for you.  

Thank you!, 

Sanctuary Puerto Cayo Staff.
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