February to March.
  • Carnival and Ash Wednesday.
  • March 19. - San Jose, religious festival held in the mouth of Cantagallo.
  • Easter, Good Friday. Way of the Cross, penance and fasting.
  • April 20. - Anniversary of the foundation of Puerto Cayo is celebrated with parade civic groups, bands and public dances.
  • Second Sunday is celebrated on Mother’s Day.
  • May 3. - Throughout the month we celebrate the Day of Las Cruces, with masses, processions with the Holy Cross and dances.
  • Third Sunday, we celebrate Father’s Day.
  • 29 and June 30. - Humpbacks Festival is celebrated with folk parades, dances, typical food festival, arts festivals and whale watching.
  • Aug. 16. - San Jacinto, religious holiday is celebrated with processions and dances.
  • Sept. 24. - Day Feast of Our Lady of Mercy, are decorated all neighborhoods of the city, and street musicians perform in schools and colleges, sporting events, arts festivals and festivals of dishes.
  • Sept. 26. - National Flag Day is done the Pledge of Allegiance in all schools of the parish.
  • Oct. 10. - Fireman’s Day is celebrated with a parade by the firefighter’s body of the  comunnity.
  • Oct. 31. - National Coat Day, is celebrated with a civic  act in all schools..
  • Dec. 25. - Descent of the Child, "Novenas" prays are held with the ride of Jesus. child.
  • Dec. 31. - New Year celebration, I performed with the burning of dolls made in papiermache, wood or straw, called "Years old."
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