History of Puerto Cayo
The territories of Puerto Cayo were populated since ancient times for various pre-Hispanic cultures such as Valdivia, Machalilla, among others, these ancient people had acknowledge of the arts of fishing and the handmade of clay objects and Spondylus shell collection,  doing barter  sea trade with Mexico, Peru and Chile, there are many settlements around the coast of Manabi with undiscovered archaeological treasures, but the arts of these people have remained nowaydays.

In the year of 1911,  "Puerto Cayo" was established as a rural community, fulfilling its 102 years in 2013, this place has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country; nowadays it is in full development of tourism and because of this opportunity, we built this dream that comes true  " Sanctuary Puerto Cayo Lodge"  as an alternative of first-class accommodation without losing the detail in its construction and promoting  the local development, generating direct and indirect employment to improve the lives of its inhabitants.
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